The software development landscape is being revolutionized, and GitHub is at the forefront with the launch of Copilot Workspace. This groundbreaking development environment takes the power of the Copilot AI coding assistant to a whole new level.

With the GitHub Copilot Workspace – where any developer can go from idea to code to software, all in natural language – the platform is redefining the developer environment.

Evolution of Copilot: Beyond code completion

Remember the days when Copilot only suggested code snippets? Those days are gone. Copilot Workspace ushers in a new era of task-oriented development, allowing you to go beyond line-by-line coding.

Copilot Workspace is a ground-breaking approach to natural language software development. It’s designed to enhance developer creativity and streamline the process like never before. Our goal is not to replace developers, but to empower them. With Copilot Workspace, we aim to enable experienced developers to think at a systemic level, while significantly reducing the barrier to entry for newcomers to the software development space.

From idea to code

The journey starts at the very beginning, where developers often face the biggest hurdle: the beginning. GitHub Copilot Workspace integrates with a GitHub repository or issue, providing AI assistance right from the start.

Planning Made Simple

Once a task is selected, Copilot Workspace lays out a step-by-step plan, deeply understanding the codebase and issue context. This plan is presented in a clear, natural language list that’s fully editable, ensuring developers can iterate and refine as needed.

Mobile Compatibility

Ideas strike anywhere, and so GitHub Copilot Workspace is designed to be mobile-friendly. Whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, or on the go, Copilot Workspace adapts to your environment, allowing for a seamless development experience.

The Technical Preview

The technical preview of GitHub Copilot Workspace showcases a radically new way of building software. It leverages different Copilot-powered agents to brainstorm, plan, build, test, and run code, all while giving developers full control over the process.

Empowering Systems Thinkers

With GitHub Copilot Workspace, experienced developers can operate as systems thinkers, navigating complex tasks with ease. It lowers the barrier to entry for software development, democratizing the ability to build software.

The Task-Centric Workflow

At its core, Copilot Workspace is about completing full development tasks. It takes a GitHub Issue as input, extracts the current behavior of the code, proposes new behaviors, formulates a plan, and implements it—all in natural language.

A Second Brain for Developers

Copilot Workspace acts as a second

You can request for early access for preview version.