A new era of cloud-native application development and performance optimization is ushered in with .NET 9, the successor to .NET 8. It will be supported for 18 months as a Standard Term Support (STS) release. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  1. .NET Runtime:
    • Several performance enhancements are included in the .NET 9 runtime, including:
      • Exception handling is faster.
      • Inline improvements for native AOT (Ahead of Time Compilation).
      • Improvements to looping and profile-guided optimization (PGO).
      • For more details, check out What’s new in the .NET 9 runtime.
  2. .NET Libraries:
    • The .NET 9 Libraries have improved in several areas, including the following:
      • Serialization.
      • Cryptography.
      • LINQ.
      • Reflection emit.
      • New TimeSpan.From* overloads
      • ActivatorUtilities.CreateInstance constructor
      • And more! Explore further in What’s new in the .NET 9 libraries.
  3. .NET SDK:
    • The .NET 9 SDK introduces improvements such as:
      • Enhancements to the terminal logger.
      • Tool roll-forward capabilities.
      • Enhanced unit testing support.
      • Dive deeper into the details with What’s new in the SDK for .NET 9.
  4. .NET Aspire:
    • NET Aspire is a self-contained, cloud-ready stack for building observable, production-ready, distributed applications.
    • It’s delivered through a collection of NuGet packages that address the specific concerns of the cloud-native developer.
    • Currently available in preview for .NET 9. Learn more about .NET Aspire (Preview).
  5. ASP.NET Core 9.0:
    • ASP.NET Core continues to evolve with improvements.
    • Blazor
    • SignalR
    • Minimal APIs
    • Authentication and authorization
    • Dictionary debugging improvements
    • Discover them in What’s new in ASP.NET Core 9.0.
  6. .NET MAUI:
  7. Entity Framework Core 9:
    • EF Core gets better with enhancements.
    • LINQ and SQL translation
    • ExecuteUpdate and ExecuteDelete
    • Migrations
    • Model building
    • SQL Server HierarchyId
    • Tooling
    • Learn about them in What’s New in EF Core 9.
  8. C# 13:
    • C# 13 ships with the .NET 9 SDK.
    • New escape sequence
    • Method group natural type
    • Implicit index access
    • Discover the latest features in What’s new in C# 13.

Remember, with a focus on productivity enhancements, streamlined deployments, and accelerated AI integration, .NET 9 elevates cloud-native and intelligent application development. For developers across a wide range of applications, it’s an exciting release!