This write up will describe differences and when to use .NET Framework and .NET Core shortly. This will help reader to understand and use it in proper situation.

What is .NET Core?

It is open source cross platform to develop application which runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

  • Latest Version 3.0. This is the much-improved version of .NET core as of now.
  • .NET Core 3.0 supports UWP, WPF and Windows form
  • .NET core supports services developed in .NET Framework, Java, Ruby, and many more

When to Choose .NET Framework?

.NET Framework latest Version is 4.8

  1. If you are already expert or experience in .NET framework and have no time to learn .NET core. Learning curve is need for .NET Core.
  2. You have already product or solution in .NET Framework, just you need to maintain and add new module in existing solutions as well as have no budget to migrate to .NET Core in your organization.
  3.  Even the .NET core 3.0 supports Windows Forms and WPF. It is better to use .NET Framework to build Windows Client Application using Windows Forms or WPF as it is matured. Because in .NET Core we can not build Windows Forms and WPF applications.
  4. If you are not flexible and do not want continuous changes and upgrade in your project. Because .NET core versions are upgrading and changing rapidly.

When to Choose .NET Core?

  1. If you want to make your app independent of platform. Means that, .NET core is open source, application build in .NET core can run on Windows, Linus or Mac OS. Whereas Application build in .NET framework only can be target for windows machine and application can be deployed in Windows Server.
  2. For new Learners, who want to embark their journey in .NET platform, .NET core is best for them as of now .NET Core is future of .NET.
  3. If you want your Solution to be Scalable and perform faster. .NET Core is scalable and faster than .NET Framework.
  4. If you are going to build new Solution or Product and targeting it for long term.
  5. If you are passionate and enthusiast to learn new technologies and have positive attitude to deal with technical problems and fixings. I mean that, you may face issue when you start in new technology. It is not simple to learn and implement cutting edge of technologies without experience.


This article has described the differences as well as scenario when to use .NET Framework and .NET Core. I hope, this helps reader to implement and use in right way and clears the confusion between .NET Framework and .NET Core.