Blockchain is an emerging technology of this era. Without any doubt, blockchain is going to make several headlines, news, and research topics in the foreseeable future. On the other hand, Stratis blockchain is a platform which makes the development, implementation, and adoption of blockchain much simple in the real world by streamlining the processes. Many people are in doubt that what is blockchain and what’s Stratis Platform. So, in this write-up, I will explore about blockchain and Stratis platform which provides the blockchain development platform for C# and .NET developers.

What is Stratis Blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology for record-keeping and contract enforcement. It uses cryptography to make it extremely difficult to modify the previous history. Blockchain technology is referred to as distributed ledger which is just like an accounting ledger that contains the history of transactions.

  • Blockchain is a decentralized solution that uses a decentralized database.
  • It uses consensus rules to make sure data is consistent across nodes.
  • It uses cryptography which ensures participants trust the data.

In blockchain, the cluster of data is kept in a block that has a unique identifier and a history. Blocks keep transaction information for example date, time, amount, and digital signature of the user. There is no single point of failure and hacking in the network of blockchain.

What is Stratis Group?

It is a UK based Blockchain technology company which provides a platform for C# and .NET blockchain solutions. Stratis vision is to make blockchain easy by utilizing blockchain experts to resolve the challenges of enterprise blockchain development and implementation on a global scale. Stratis believes in values: security, decentralization, trust, privacy, and accessibility. Stratis Group provides Stratis Platform.

Stratis Platform

Stratis empowers developers to build enterprise-grade blockchain solutions for current industries by utilizing their C# and .Net skill sets. Stratis Blockchain is an open-source and provides templates for Visual Studio to develop the blockchain application using C# and .NET. Using Stratis templates you can develop your own custom blockchain application in .NET.

Stratis Platform is the most suitable platform for .NET developers to develop blockchain solutions. It provides .NET developers a flexible and robust blockchain development platform for several kinds of applications which serves different purposes.

Stratis Platform has a huge impact in real-world projects such as in the domain of Medical Research, Internet Business, Fintech, and so on. It allows you to maintain a database with legitimate data. Stratis Platform provides financial transactions with trust, identity management, settlement management, and many more without data leakage. Stratis provides a test net and main net. For development and testing, you can use a test net that doesn’t need real funds. Additionally, you can use Stratis full node in a local machine for development and testing without real money. This shows, how Stratis has facilitated blockchain application development.

Stratis Full Node

Stratis Full node is just like a computer which facilitates to connect to a Blockchain network. It keeps the blockchain data locally in node as well as communicate with other nodes via P2P protocols. It is most and very first step to run full node for getting started with blockchain development using Stratis Platform. You can connect to private and public blockchain network through Stratis full node. Stratis full node application is available in Stratis ‘GitHub repo’. You can simply download it and run it

Why to Choose Stratis Platform?

Stratis Platform is the best suit for the industries which are based on C#, .NET, and Microsoft Technologies. I would like to highlight some points about services and products that Stratis provides for blockchain development that may help us to know why to choose Stratis Platform.

  • Stratis provides Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) to help IT industries to avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing their own physical full nodes.
  • Stratis Full node can be run on virtual machines on Microsoft’s tried and tested Azure cloud platform and provides you hassle free Blockchain service.
  • You can create performant, secure and auditable smart contracts using most popular development technology: C# and .NET.
  • Stratis provides bespoke blockchain named as Sidechains; using which you can elevate your business to new heights.
  • Stratis ICO (Initial Coin Offering) offers different packages which suit the needs of various organizations including from start-up to the enterprise.
  • Stratis offers dual -cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Strat light, secure Wallet which helps to keep your Wallet safe and protected.
  • Stratis provides Unity SDK for game development using blockchain technology where player can buy swords and shields.

In a nutshell, Stratis Platform provides you Blockchain services and a development platform which serves various kinds of business needs. It is the best and the right fit for several organizations to elevate their business using blockchain technology.