I have spoken at Bcrypt Web 3.0 week 2023 Day 1 (April 3rd, 2023) as well as conducted a day-long workshop on Web 3.0 & Stratis Blockchain with the below agenda:

  • Blockchain and Stratis Introduction
  • Getting Familiar with Cirrus Sidechain, Wallets, Stratis Full Node
  • Get Familiar with Wallet and Transaction with Hands-on
  • Smart Contract development in C#

Create a Smart contract program in .NET 6 using Stratis NuGet package, write Contract code, validate, and generate byte code.

  • Use Cirrus Core Private net wallet to deploy and interact with the Contract

Deploy the contract, call contract methods, and check transaction receipts.

  • Sample Contract Programs and Resources Demo

More details can be found here.

Below are some glimpses of the event.