Like other economic players, the novel pandemic severely hit small-medium businesses, the more significant source of growth and employment in the country by disrupting national and international business networks, supply chain and demand. The organization that didn’t embrace the digital transformation journey suffered the most.
Join the session and learn from the experts on how digital transformation can help SMB to be future-ready.

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In this session, I will be describing the role of Data Analysis in Digital Transformation for SMB.

I will be answering following questions in more details.

As we know that data has been playing a significant role in decision-making, What are the various analysis we can do leveraging data? And How those analyses can help businesses to make proactive decisions using AI and ML?

Analytics and AI plays a pivotal role for organization in times of crisis. Would you please elaborate the importance of Visual Analytics and best tool for it with some comprehensive features? And how to secure the data during the visualization, which are assets of an organization?