Power BI Report Builder is a standalone tool to design paginated reports for Power BI. In previous article, we have learnt what is Power BI Report Builder and how to design paginated report for Power BI. This article will describe steps to publish power BI paginated report to Power BI Service cloud and Power BI on-Premises which is known as Power BI Report Server using Power BI Report Builder. Once we develop report from Power BI Report Builder, we need to publish it and share with the users. We can publish it to cloud services or in Report Server based on our environment and need.

If you are new to Power BI Report Builder, you can check previous article Power BI Report Builder

How to Publish to Power BI Service Online

You can publish paginated report to your My Workspace or any other workspace; however, workspace should be in premium capacity or user who is publishing must have a Premium Per User (PPU) license.

Follow below steps to publish paginated report from Power BI Report Builder to Power BI Service online.

Step 1

Open your Power BI paginated report which you want to publish. Click on Sign in option and then you will get option to Sign in to Power BI. To sign in, use your Power BI user id and password as depicted below.

Step 2

Once you are login, you can see your name on Report Builder as well. Go to File and click on Publish as illustrated below.

Subsequently, you will get below screen where you can see all of your workspaces. You can select your workspace here and give name of your Report File and click on Save button as depicted below. It will publish your report to the selected workspace which you can verify by opening Power BI Service in a browser.

To publish your paginated report to Power BI Service you should have Premium Workspace, otherwise you will get below error and cannot save it to cloud.

How to Publish to Power BI Report Server (On-Premises)

Follow following steps


Open Power BI Report Server and click on Upload to publish report to the server.

Step 2

Then browse the file from the location of your computer and then click on Open.

It takes few minutes to upload your report to the server wait for it.

Eventually, report is uploaded, and you can see it under Paginated Reports section.

You can open and check the report. Below image is taken from Power BI Report Server after upload.


This article has described steps to publish Power BI paginated reports which is designed by using Power BI report Builder to the Power Service online and Power BI Report Server on-premises. Both the online and on-premises server has its own use cases and necessity. However, in this article we have learnt to publish paginated Power BI report in both environments using Power BI Report Builder.