Generative AI is the most popular and widely used AI that includes technologies like large language models, which is valuable for processing, analyzing, and generating text data, images and other types of content. On the other hand, Power Virtual Agent is a Bot framework provided by Microsoft under the power platform. In this article we learn to create a chat bot using most cutting-edge technologies Generative AI and Power Virtual agent with some use cases in HR department.


  • HR document- example HR policy document.
  • Power Platform Environment including Power Virtual Agent

In this demo I will demonstrate how the employee can get insights about the HR and leave policy of an organization without asking questions to HR team through the Chabot.

Now, Let’s go to create a chat Bot.

Step 1: Go to Power Platform and Virtual Agent

Then click on Create a bot. Give the name of your bot such as Demo HR Policy (Leave Policy Bot) and then select language as required for you for my case, I am selecting English. After that click o create button. It will just create a chatbot: Demo HR Policy bot for you.

Step 2: Go to home page and overview you can see your Leave policy bot there and you need to select Create generative answers. This feature is currently in preview mode. Click on get started in AI capability as illustrated below.

Once you click it you can see the AI capabilities there. Select Use generative answers as shown below.

Then upload your HR leave policy document over the document section and Save it.

Note that:

  • at the moment it only support the text file. Your document should not contain images, audio, video or any executable files.
  • The file should be less than 3mb.

Once the document is uploaded, the chatbot will be trained and you can chat with your bot which you can see on your left-hand side. It will take some time to answer you with correct information so wait for some time once the document is uploaded.

This chatbot uses Azure Open AI service and gives you answers to your questions.

Now, you can chat with your bot.

Let’s check asking questions: how many sick leaves employee get in the year? Below is prompt of Bot answer.

You will get citation and reference to the document as well.


Hence, creating chatbot using Power Virtual agent and Generative AI is simple and takes very less time. In this article we have learned to create a chatbot using Power Virtual Agent and Generative AI with an example of HR Chat Bot.