In this blog, we will learn the code review process in GitHub, give feedback and submit the review from the reviewer side.

When someone sends you a review request then the reviewer gets an email notification to review the code and give feedback. Then your email looks like below.

Then click on a pull request and follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to Pull request and review the code. Code changes and history looks like below.

Once the review is done from your side then, you can give your feedback.

Step 2: There will be Add your review option as illustrated below.

Step 3: Click on Add your review button and you will get the option to Approve or Request changes or Comment. Based on your code review, you can give a Comment or Approve the Pull request or if any changes need to do in the code you can request the changes by selecting the appropriate option as illustrated below.

Once you give your feedback or approve the review then it will look like below.

Hence, in this way, we can give review feedback and submit a review on GitHub.