This blog explains to you how you can install NuGet for your Unity project. and install other packages using NuGet Package Manager. So let’s follow the steps.

Step 1 – Install NuGet for Unity

Go to Windowà Package Manager and then Click on the + icon and provide the below NuGetForUnity git URL:

 and Click on Add.

Once NuGet for Unity is installed it will be easy for you to install all the necessary packages for your project.

Additionally, you can see your NuGet option inside your Unity Editor

Step 2Install other Packages

Now you can use NuGet Package manager. Click on the NuGet icon in your menu and search for Newtonsoft for example and install it as illustrated below.

Hence, in this way, we can Add NuGet and install any required packages in Unity using the NuGet Package manager for your Unity projects. Thanks for reading the blog.